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Sort through your clothes to optimize your wardrobe

You may have a wardrobe full of clothes, but cannot find the perfect outfit. In exasperation, you will wear whatever falls into your hands first. - No more of this!

An expedition through your wardrobe might lead to some interesting discoveries: for example, you may already have items that suit your style. All that they need is some clever combination and the personal touch.

My aim will be to rearrange your wardrobe according to the clothes that really fit to you, based on body and type analysis. To do this, we will go through your clothes, put away whatever does not fit you, and keep and rearrange whatever suits your style.

The next step will be to coordinate your shoes, scarves, jewelry and other accessories to create a whole optimal outfit. With flattering combinations of your clothes, possibly complemented with a few new items, you will brighten your appearance and be perfectly styled for any event.

To avoid forgetting any important details, we will write down everything in your personalized workbook, including many recommendations and a logically structured shopping list.

Price: CHF 295.–
including written workbook

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Sina Meier

Personal Image Consultant

Mobile +41 (0)79 709 27 30

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