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Shop with fun!

If you are unsure about what clothes really suit you, shopping can be a torture. Let me accompany you and we will shop with ease for your optimal apparel. Your clothes will flatter you and you will feel comfortable and confident.

The goal of this stress-free shopping is that you can purchase clothes that suit your personality and figure, clothes that you will enjoy wearing. Lean back and relax. You do not have to do anything except be ready for the fitting. Everything else I will prepare for you. According to your wishes and budget, I will choose which stores we go to, and I will already make a preselection of clothes for the fitting. Then, I will counsel you and assist you in making the right choice.

You will save time, money and nerves because you can be sure that after your shopping tour you will have bought all the right clothes.

Price: CHF 125.– / hour

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Sina Meier

Personal Image Consultant

Mobile +41 (0)79 709 27 30

Registered Affiliate Member of
federation of
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