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Does my favorite color really suit me?

Colors may brighten the world, but sometimes they dampen the mood. Particularly if they do not flatter you. A different hue or tone may make all the difference. Therefore it is very important for you to know exactly which colors suit you and to use them to your best advantage.

The first step of our session will be to define which colors flatter your eye and hair color and skin complexion. In a next step we will arrange a selection of colors that are suitable for your style and that you can combine and use for all of your professional events.

As part of my counseling package, I include recommendations on your hair color and personal make up and the appropriate color and type of jewelry to go with your outfits.

You will also receive a practical pocket-sized personalized color chart. This will help you during your next clothes shopping to choose systematically the right colors for you. From now on, colors will may make your life harmonious and bright.

Time required: approx. 2 hours / Price: CHF 295.–
including pocket-sized personalized color chart

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Sina Meier

Personal Image Consultant

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